Stabilizer problem with ISO TKL plate

Ramen Man

22 Jan 2019, 20:34

Does anybody know where I can get an ISO TKL plate that can support plate mounted cherry stabilizers? I made the mistake of not knowing and purchasing some for my modded Cooler Master Masterkeys PBT S, which has costar stabilizers (also plate mounted), and the new stabilizers obviously don't fit.
Just to clarify, the reason why I have bought some genuine cherry stabilizers is because I am not satisfied with the rattle with costars, even though I have lubed them over and over again. I plan to mod the new stabilizers when I get the chance.
1. I could try finding a plate that can fit my needs, but so far I have no luck in doing so.
2. I could do some potentially risky modding on my plate by cutting it with some equipment that can cut into metal, but I have no experience with that at all.
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This is the type of enter key I have:
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