Brazilian Portuguese Cherry MX Keycaps for use on Ducky One 2?

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06 Feb 2019, 17:29

Hey all,

I recently set up my fiance with a white with white LED's Ducky One 2 with MX Brown switches.

She really likes the board, but for work (she is an interpreter and translator) she is increasingly needing to translate documents into Brazilian Portuguese.

Does anyone know where I might look for a nice set of white doubleshot (for backlighting use) set of keycaps for the Brazilian Portuguese keyboard layout (I don't know if the keyboard layout is different than Portuguese from Portugal, but the language settings in operating systems are pretty different, so it wouldn't surprise me)

Is it even possible to turn a US 104 key layout into a Portuguese layout, or do they need the ISO enter key and other things that won't work?

Any help in working towards this goal would be greatly appreciated!


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