Light tactiles and brass vs. polycarb on KBD8x


27 Apr 2019, 21:24

I've never had a fully-custom board before, only a factory-custom from Varmilo.

But I'm looking into the KBD8X mkii from KBDFans, and I'm close to pulling the trigger on it.

However, I am unsure what plate to use. They offer two options: brass, and polycarb.

I know I'll be using light tactiles on the board: either Kailh Pro Purples, or Zealios V1 (R11) 65 gr.

It is reputed that light tactiles go better with flexy plates. I think some of the original MX Brown keyboards from Cherry used polycarb half-plates. What did the Kinesis advantage use?

I have rigged up a TeamWolf Zhuque to use Pro Purples, and it worked out very well. I'm not sure what kind of plate the Zhuque uses. Maybe aluminum, since the case is made from aluminum?


In any case, something like that would be good. I get to choose between polycarb and brass full-plate for the KBD8x mkii. Which would you choose for light tactiles?

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