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04 May 2019, 05:59

I've had a couple of older Das Keyboard 3's for almost a decade now. Both Cherry MX blues, one for Mac and one for PC. These were early versions of the Das 3 Professional, before they had the media/Fn keys and well before the Das Keyboard 4.

I used them almost to death for work, to the point where the keycaps were mirror-like and the legends were heavily faded. The Mac version's top case is pretty chewed up as well, looks like the plastic is de-laminating in places. The short story: they were heavily used and getting pretty beat up. My biggest complaint about the Das 3 has always been the cheapness of the keycaps and after thin ABS caps get absolutely slick and greasy they aren't much fun to use. These boards have sit around for a while now and after seeing Chyrosran22's video on the Maxkey SA double shots I decided to pick up a set for my old PC-format Das. These are about the only Cherry platform board I still have (not counting a couple of ML boards for racks in my lab). The Maxkeys were kind of pricey and it took almost a month for them to arrive from Mao's Dollar-rama but it was worth it! I cleaned up the plastics on the keyboard and installed the new caps last night and it's really improved the feel. I like Cherry MX Blues just as they are but a good key cap really makes them shine. I've got a ton of IBM boards and a growing collection of Alps but the light feel and sort of glass vial breaking under your fingers sound of the Blues really sits well with me. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing.

Plus the board just looks pretty great now if you ask me!

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04 May 2019, 08:59

Wow looks great good job on the cleaning of the keyboard also the Logitech roller mouse ball matches the blue of the SA keycaps really awesome looking setup :D

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