HUGE list of keyboard part numbers

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07 May 2019, 09:27

Stumbled into this recently while doing research for an upcoming review. I can't find anything about the source or even the purpose of this document, but this seems significant somehow. ... 2ac8e.html

Lists a HUGE amount of seemingly arbitrary p/ns of keyboards from a wide range of manufacturers, including really really rare and obscure ones. It's already helped me with my research so I figured I'd put it up here for other people too! :)

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08 May 2019, 02:51

Quick, someone take this list, edit out all the keyboards Chyros has already reviewed on Youtube, and post it so I can start buying up the remaining ones at reasonable prices for once before he gets to them. :D

Kidding aside (okay, only half-kidding), nice find! I did a quick scan of list for any interesting items, but a deeper delve is in order.

EDIT: I'm guessing this is a hint as to who made document:
If you do not see your model listed ,please call us. We will be happy to design a custom"VIZIFLEX SEEL" with a minimum initial order of 50 seels. We will also require the use of your telephone for two to three. The telephone will be returned to you undamaged.
Apparently they make keyboard covers, among other things. The weirdness about "telephone" (which I initially thought was just poor translation) is probably because they just copy/pasted that from their telephone "seel" list: ... 4final.doc

The company has been in business for more than 20 years (at least going by their website and whois/Wayback Machine) and is located in New Jersey.
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08 May 2019, 04:35

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73B101     Acer Data 101/710/910/915/1100/1030, 6311-K (8x19.5)  model APC-HA410 (also NEC,Multitech,Cannon,  Stone System,Delta Gold,Texas Instrument,  Data General) Fcc: GQ87EE6011 
This line intrigues me, because mechanically, the keyboards seem unrelated; and yet, they have listed 1 FCC ID for all of them! The Acer had Acer switches, APC was NEC blue ovals, etc.

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