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13 May 2019, 01:21

so I got this IBM model f122 off of eBay for like 265 shipped its in good shape no cracks and all the keycaps are there is there a way to make the pinout of the connector be able to feed into my model f xt converter and also what else should I do this I have a whole model m's worth of keycaps because my model m broke but the converter I got will take weeks to get here from the Philippines.

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13 May 2019, 03:36

If you have a Teensy and Soarer's firmware it should work easily. If you have one of Orihalcon's converter cables, the XT uses a 180 degree DIN while a 122 uses a 240 degree DIN and they are not interchangeable.
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13 May 2019, 20:07

Hi, my F122 uses a 180 degree DIN, strangely. However, In another project I tried to make an additional cable in order to convert an old teensy / soarer's by Orihalcon 240° to 180° without success.
additional converter cable self made
additional converter cable self made
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In practice: usb cable from pc >teensy 2 with 240° female plug soldered > additional short cable to convert 240° to 180° (male-female), according to pin coupling > keyboard male connector. It doesn't work. Perhaps an impedance problem I have never solved. Who knows why?

Yes, I suggest you to buy with confidence from Orihalcon. His converter cables are very fancy.

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