IBM Model M - Cleaning Membrane. Isopropyl / sterilized water / or?


19 May 2019, 00:00

Hi all,

I'm currently working on refurbing a Model M - the membrane isn't in the best shape but looks like it can be salvaged. (water spills, some oxidation on a few outer traces)

I read on here isopropyl is the best bet to clean it up; but is it also safe to be put on the traces without having to worry they get wiped? (read about the guy using acetone and it totally wiped out the traces)

Would sterilized water be a safer option in this case or just not effective at all?

(P.S. Aware unicomp sells these - still want to give it a go; import + transport costs are killing me)


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19 May 2019, 00:53

Alcohol is the best option because it will dissolve grease and whatnot while leaving everything clean afterward. Dish soap and tap water will do the same job with a little more work.

You'll want some very fine sandpaper to clean any oxidized contacts in either case.

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19 May 2019, 03:24

I would say water only. You probably have mere dried drink residue.

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19 May 2019, 03:40

I'd say use 99% isopropyl alcohol.

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