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Soarer's remap/macro: ALT + TAB

Posted: 31 May 2019, 13:07
by caiko
Hi all,

Trying to get a little something working for a Model F -

I remapped the ALT / CTRL keys to be switched around. However, this makes alt tab a little painful.

I would prefer to use 'CTRL + TAB' to be ALT + TAB; however using macros I can only get so far as it working but not allowing me to 'stay' in the ALT + TAB menu until I let go.

Script in question:

macro tab LCTRL
set_meta LALT
press TAB
clear_meta LALT

Options that I found are either:
* Don't do anything to the script and stay in the tab menu until I press enter / click somewhere.
* Trigger ENTER on onbreak, which only allows for one tab to happen.

What seems to be 'missing' for macros is an onbreak for both keys to be release to trigger ENTER.

Anyone been able to work around this?