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06 Jun 2019, 19:26

Hi guys,

I've been gone from the keyboard scene for some time. Currently I'm looking to replace my Shine 7 MX-Red-Silent with a new board. The easy option would be to go for a Shine 7 MX-Brown. Since after some months of daily driving the MX-R-S I'm not a super fan of them. They are okayish but I'm always coming back to the Browns after some months. Tested Blacks, Reds, Clears, Topres, Buckling Spring, etc. Always back to Browns it is. What I haven't extensively tested are Brown clones. I also tried googling for hipser sites that the new generation of KB-Nerds like but I'm not sure I covered them all, and since I haven't been keeping track for some years I'm not uptodate with all the options there are. Hence this thread.

Looking for:
- Full board, ISO (pref DE QWERTZ but doesnt matter so much)
- Browns or Clone of
- Pref Macro function but not needed
- Budget doesn't matter
- Available ready to ship, without 2 years waiting list

Any help is really appreciated.



07 Jun 2019, 16:30

I know you said you have already tried buckling spring but have you tried capacitive buckling springs? Or have you only tried membrane buckling springs AKA the IBM Model M buckling springs? I used to use cherry MX red gaming keyboard (Func KB-460) then I tried a Model M liked it but felt like there was still more to be desired in terms of feel so went and got a Model F with its capacitive buckling spring and it leaves nothing to be desired nice and light to press, crisp and in my opinion best feel I have ever felt on a keyboard even better than white and blue alps dare I say it but that's just my opinion. So I would say if you don't mind beige and no RBG then get a model F and see how you like the feel of that.

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