Terminal Model M converting?

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08 Aug 2019, 08:54


Here’s a silly question: Are terminal model Ms still not easily converted to USB?

I recall a few years back when I got my terminal M-122, people were saying that they were essentially worthless since they couldn’t be converted like the normal PS2 connector models.

But there’s been so much development since then, with the xwhatsit, CommonSense and even Beamsprings being routinely converted. So what about the terminal model Ms? Is there a Soarer’s for them now? Or?

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08 Aug 2019, 08:55

The ones with the RJ45ish plug?


08 Aug 2019, 12:03

Yes there is orihalcon sells the converter. Alternatively you could just take the original controller out and replace it with the pc version Model M controller they fit perfectly the only thing you will lose are the lock lights.

Hope that helps.

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08 Aug 2019, 13:08

Terminal Model M keyboards, be them M122 or M102 or even SSKs, are trivially converted. Get a converter from orihalcon (DIN or RJ45) and you'll be set. All you'll need to do is to decide on remappings for the extra keys in the M122 (for which we have plenty of examples in DT) or the one extra key in the M102.

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08 Aug 2019, 15:33

Awesome, thank you guys! Mine has the DIN plug and the kids use it to play with (my step daughter was always interested in my collection, so at one point I let her pick one of my less-precious boards, and she picked the M122), and lately I’ve been thinking I should convert it so they can use it with the iPad or something.

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08 Aug 2019, 21:13

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09 Aug 2019, 13:28

Terminal Model M can be converted with Soarer's Converter firmware and $4 Pro Micro just so easily like PS/2 keyboards. You can find the pinout of the internal 5-pin connector here.

If you prefer an external converter add 1-2kOhm pullup resistors to Clock and Data lines.

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