I'm 99% convinced in buy a topre keyboard, anything I should know before pressing the "buy" button?

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12 Aug 2019, 17:23

I don't have an HHKB, but on Poker style 60% board with hhkb bindings I found holding Fn to access the arrow keys/pgup/pgdn was quite hard on my right hand over time.

The true HHKB layout where Fn is beside RShift is probably less straining, but it's something to think about. If I ever buy a Topre board it'll probably be a TKL.

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12 Aug 2019, 17:43

My HHKB is my favourite and principal keyboard. Has been for years, and countless hours use. It’s an amazing wee thing. Thoroughly recommended.

Here’s a thread (of so many here over the years) where we go into Topre’s feeling, including the differences between HHKB and Realforce:


In brief: if 60% draws you, by all means go HHKB. But a tenkeyless Realforce is a joy in its own right, too.

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12 Aug 2019, 18:18

I would recommend buying the silenced version when you do decide to buy. In most of the cases I've seen it's not much more, $10 in the case of the FC660C, and the sound is really luscious.

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