Adapter to use Model M keycaps on Cherry MX stem?


02 Sep 2019, 08:54

Has anyone ever made an adapter that allows you to use the top half of a two-part Model M keycap with a Cherry MX stem?

I've pre-ordered the Input Club Keystone keyboard on Indiegogo, and while the keycaps that it comes with look nice, I'd prefer to use a spare set of Model M keycaps that I have if this should be at all possible.

I've tried Googling for something like what I describe, but all I've found so far is attempts to use Cherry MX keycaps with Model M switches.

Many thanks in advance!

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02 Sep 2019, 09:07

The size of IBM caps and the uniform profile would probably make it rather uncomfortable to use. Also stabilized keys will likely be an issue cause you'd have to cut the stuff on the inside away.


02 Sep 2019, 21:20

Ah, I see - thanks!

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03 Sep 2019, 02:40

I mean it wouldn't be impossible, given you could handle cutting the stems off the larger keys and then stabilizing them properly, and had a 3d printer to make the inner keys, but it might be more practical to find a company that will print custom legends on MX caps in IBM's font. If I remember correctly, it's a variant of helvetica.


03 Sep 2019, 07:55

Thank you for your suggestion!

I think what I might do in the end is get an old Cherry keyboard and harvest its key caps. I will wait a while, though, as it is possible that the keyboard won't materialise.

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