Waters Data Terminal with SE-JIN Keyboard


19 Sep 2019, 00:29

First post here, big fan. We have many keyboards in our house, including Model M, BattleShip and two Pingmasters. My son and I scour the thrift shops and I go to auctions where I pick up stuff like this.

Waters brand - Water Analysis Data Terminal from a bigger embedded system. Got this for $10 at the State Auction. I can't find any info on it on this site on this particular keyboard, would be happy to add info in the wiki, the Keyswitch appears to be a common switch this company made which is in the wiki.

My plans are to convert it as a project, if I can.







Here's a video of what it sounds like:

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19 Sep 2019, 07:56

We used to have a Waters ESI-MS system. Not as old as this keyboard, but still interesting to see.

The switches are third-party; Futaba MA. Sejin Electron are well-known for their association with Futaba.

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07 Oct 2019, 17:04

Welcome to the forum,
Just today I was curious about this board I rescued from the bin some time ago.
Different branding, but obviously the same machine. Carlo Erba MOD. 4400 Integrator.
Year code on the board is 89. 4. 22
some letters have faded ("F" and the "AUTO" in "AUTO ZERO"), it looks like a manufacturing issue rather.
Please let us know, how your project develops: I'm a lazy guy and I only will do a conversion with an easy how-to available...
But then I will do for sure. Sometimes You get surprised when actually typing on a board rather than just doing some "dry training".
The switch is not unpleasant but somehow... the tactility is about of MX blue an the click is on the release as far as with mine.
My machine seems to be in working condition somehow (not talking about the print-head) - feel free to ask me in case of any electronic concerns.
Be careful when removing the space bar. The material is way brittle...

gl cheers
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