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30 Sep 2019, 07:51

Hi, hoping someone can help me identify this key and what keyboard it may have come from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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30 Sep 2019, 12:41

Combination of 8 and * says numeric row number 8-key on an English keyboard (UK or US).
The inverse 8 is to show that it is 8 on an embedded keypad (which are often aligned so that the 7-8-9 are the same), so this must be a compact keyboard.

The image makes the top look wider than standard... but could the keycap instead be smaller than standard?


30 Sep 2019, 20:02

I believe it may be from a Brother word processor? We found this in an archeological dig and it's important to identify its origin as I'm trying to date the site. We are looking for items that were buried in 1980 to 1982 and we found this key about 3 feet underground. I believe you are right that it's an embedded keypad and the green "DT SET" is similar to older Brother word processors. Any further help is appreciated, thanks!


30 Sep 2019, 21:19

The Brother Super PowerNote series have this key. They are a portable word-processors from the mid '90s ...
They have a 6 MHz Z80 CPU and ~32KB RAM, just like an 8-bit home computer from the '80s.
I think there could be other Brother word-processors that have the same key.
The Brother LW-840IC has a similar keyboard but the blue text says CALC instead.

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