Would it be possible for someone to recreate the SKCM blue alps switch?


07 Nov 2019, 18:57

Menuhin wrote:
07 Nov 2019, 16:56
samuelcable wrote:
03 Nov 2019, 05:33
abrahamstechnology wrote:
01 Nov 2019, 22:49
Ok, I got replies from several manufacturers who say they will be able to do it! Durock seems to be the most likely candidate, but of course the moulds will be expensive to make.
I am running an interest check to see how much demand there would be for these switches: https://forms.gle/yTruRbAyMXFCQywB9 Feel free to spread this around.
I wouldn't trust durock with this, considering their sketchy history with copying other switches. I know options are limited for a project as ambitious as this, but considering that one of the more likely options is a company that isn't respectable at all, consider me uninterested
Now I know what this new name "Durock" is...
Namely the former partner of Gateron who got jelly and wanted to share the lucrative "Zeal tax". They might not be honest but they are very knowledgeable and their "Stealios" are actually preferred by users in a blind test as seen in a video. So as long as they can be honest, they should be very competent.
Yeah i guess you're right, i kinda over exaggerated it :oops:

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