Help me identify Keycaps on this keyboard :)


02 Nov 2019, 18:12

Hi all,

I have this keyboard and has been sitting on storage for some time, it works fine but being big and heavy I never used it in favor for slimmer keyboards. However I have been using it a bit more lately, after my primary keyboard broke. And guess what?
The typing is very pleasant, since the keys are spaced nicely for my hands and the tactile feeling is great...

However I'm a N00b when it comes to keyboard, I choose them according to looks and feel :oops:

I wanted to ask you guys if you think this is a mechanical keyboard or not. Here are a Photo and a Video I made: ... 4Nf0kBhOpo

Thanks in advance! :)

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02 Nov 2019, 18:38

Pine Alps SKCM black switches, with what looks like original Alps thick doubleshot keycaps. Very nice!


03 Nov 2019, 17:14

Hi, thank you so much, I didn't notice at all the alps logo there until you mentioned it :)

I was looking of giving away this keyboard since I want to get another better suited for me.
How much do you think an honest price would be?

Thanks again!

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