Infinikey keycaps

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19 Nov 2019, 06:56

Has anyone here used the new Infinikey dye sub PBT keycaps, like the WoB Katakana? There is a new WoB set running soon:
The black is supposed to be darker on the new set than it was on WoB katakana, I'm thinking about picking up one set once the group buy runs for my thermal that I have on order.

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19 Nov 2019, 14:02

"Infinikey" seems to be a legitimate contender to the EnjoyPBT

I received my set of Katakana and unfortunate they're probably a "second" with some legend misalignment issues that slipped out of the QC and I had to return them. For majority of their batch, I believe they are of decent quality.


19 Nov 2019, 21:30

Is Infinikey based on the same type of blanks as EnjoyPBT?

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