Futaba switches (MA41 etc..) datasheet


19 Nov 2019, 12:07



I went around the old electronic store again to search for old data.

This is what I got.

Unfortunately, with the exception of page 2 and some parts, it was about other switches (lighting switches).

Anyway, I hope this will help you edit wiki.

It's very difficult, but if possible, I'll try to find more resources.

I'm sorry this isn't a scanned data (as was the previous Alps).

It's probably the last piece of data left. It was very hard to get.

Non-damaging scans use special equipment and are very expensive. I entrust this to a professional scanning firm. But I couldn't scan this because of lack of budget. I'm sorry.

Ps. I asked for an old catalog search for an unknown little black Alps switch. Maybe I can get information. I'm will excited if the older Alps catalog comes out.

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19 Nov 2019, 15:05

Isoelxi comes up with the goods again! :D

This is excellent. I absolutely love stuff like this. If we had detailed, genuine documentation on more switches, our life here would be a lot easier. Thanks a bunch mate! :D

(P.S. if you can find an older Alps catalog, that would be amazing indeed! :D)

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20 Nov 2019, 01:54

I might have some of these switches.
although these switches have weird legs that don't match any of the pictured switches

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