Is there anything like a Soarere's Converter for USB Keyboards


02 Dec 2019, 04:58

I have a USB Unicomp keyboard that I don't use much, because I switched to a IBM Model M with a Soarer's Converter. I've kinda gotten hooked on being able to remap keys and do other nifty things the soarer's converter can do at a hardware level. Is there anything like a Soarer's Converter that can work with a USB keyboard?

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02 Dec 2019, 05:13

I think Hasu was working on something like this.

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02 Dec 2019, 05:13

There was the TMK USB to USB converter a little while ago?

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02 Dec 2019, 11:13

You can buy them from him directly. Hasu’s had them for a few years now. Hypersphere spoke positively of his usb to usb, many times. I was considering one alongside my Bluetooth HHKB controller order, but it was pricey.


02 Dec 2019, 13:02

I think the keyboards needs to speak the 6KRO USB protocol. No NKRO support.


02 Dec 2019, 14:04

Hasu's converter doesn't list the Unicomp Model M as compatible.

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