New DIY user looking for help with parts


11 Feb 2020, 04:27

Hi, guys I just want to make a budget board with a few specifications.

Important: 60%, Clear case, Clear stabilizers, RGB front and back, and USB-C but most of all as small a budget as possible

Wants: hopefully programmable keys and hot-swappable switches

No pressure just hoping some people with some experience are willing to help

Thanks, :)


11 Feb 2020, 05:20

If you want hot-swappable switches I think that may defeat the purpose of a custom DIY board.


11 Feb 2020, 12:33

KBDfans is the go-to store custom keyboard parts. I know they have at least had a matching PCB in stock. Beware that with hot-swapping sockets, you typically don't get any options for different keyboard layouts, so be sure to check that.

60% isn't really my thing, but I have seen a bunch of different cases here and there that are transparent, at different price points. Most have been frosted.
The classic 60% mechanical keyboard is a "tray mount": the case is an open tray that the keyboard PCB and (optional) plate is put into from the top: The PCB is sitting on standoffs on the case. Some more expensive cases have the plate mounted to the case, with the PCB hanging from the switches.

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