24 Mar 2020, 01:55

Does anyone have any schematics or measurements for one of the solenoid clickers or where to purchase one? I know how normal solenoids work but normal solenoids are for pushing things in and out and have a long travel time.


24 Mar 2020, 23:44

See this thread for experiments with generic arduino solenoids.


25 Mar 2020, 07:01

I already was planning on powering it with a relay and a external power source. Hell, I even already have the relays left over from another project. I am wondering where to get solenoids, because I remember hearing that normal solenoids such as this one aren't actually designed to whack against anything and make a noise, while specifically designed keyboard clickers are. I have access to a ton of magnet wire that i could use to wrap the solenoid, along with a 3d printer which i could use to print the barrel and magnets. I would rather buy an actual clicker solenoid though as I believe that it would have a better and louder "click" then anything i could make.

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25 Mar 2020, 17:11

I've ordered these soleniods off ebay before. Not an exact match for beamspring solenoids but they've worked well enough for me: ... 1438.l2649


26 Mar 2020, 02:57

Does it make a nice clack?

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