Is the Topre 87U's bottom row standard?


31 Mar 2020, 05:13

I have just ordered a Topre 87U (88U) with a swedish layout:

I thought that I'd try and make the keyboard MX compatible, so I ordered some MX sliders for it as well.

I am only interested in using keycaps with an ISO-NOR layout, and the ones I know of, have a standard bottom row.

As far as I can tell, the spacebar on the Topre seems to be of the same length as the one on my current keyboard, which has a standard bottom row - only the other 7 keys are of a different size.

Will a keycap set with a standard bottom row fit my 88U if I install the MX sliders?

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31 Mar 2020, 05:21

Nah, not the older design.

It's 1.5u 1u 1.5u 6u 1.5u 1u 1u 1.5u


31 Mar 2020, 05:32

I would not change the keycaps. They are top notch. Very nice profile and texture, dye-sublimated medium-thickness PBT. The space bar is only ABS though, but there are replacements available for that key.
I rather wish that I could use those on a Cherry MX keyboard.

The bottom row might not be to your standard, but they are a standard that is pretty common.


31 Mar 2020, 12:13

Thank you for your replies :)

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