Zero texture, 100% smooth keycap options?


17 Apr 2020, 02:08

Hello all. First post. I'm exploring different key caps and currently am running a combo of two different Filco keycap sets. I have found I really REALLY like the 100% glossy/smooth feel of the Filco and am interested in finding other sets the mess around with. What other brands/types out there are 100% glossy and smooth with zero texture. Many thanks. Currently using a CTRL + white box and the Filco's TKL.

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17 Apr 2020, 02:30

I don’t know about 100% but the caps on the apex pro are pretty nice and smooth as are SA keycaps

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17 Apr 2020, 10:44

SA are very smooth, true to their original, they are textureless.


17 Apr 2020, 13:36

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The keycaps on Filco's regular keyboards are textured but only mildly. Cherry vintage/GMK doubleshot are also only mildly textured, I would say.
Filco did make a smaller number of keyboards with high-profile cylindrical keycaps, and I think those are SA but the lower rows are not contoured like most sets of SA keycaps.

The feel also depends on the type of plastic. Filco and GMK are of ABS which has more friction. Keycaps of PBT has less friction — and sets made in those plastics often have coarser texture to compensate. Keycaps of POM are very slippery.


02 May 2020, 08:27

SP SA keycaps are probably the smoothest stock caps I've ever seen. You can really take any ABS set and polish the surface and that'll result in a textureless keycap.

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02 May 2020, 09:28

My maxkey blue & gray keycaps (sa/abs/double-shot) are pretty slippery and high quality. They also sound great IMO
But theorhetically POM should be much slicker, although I have no experience with it.


02 May 2020, 13:33

Chyros wrote:
17 Apr 2020, 10:44
SA are very smooth, true to their original, they are textureless.
To take it one step further, JTK came out with the HSA (Half SA profile) and as an added feature, the entire keycap is glossy

Group Buy was months ago; not sure when they're supposed to ship, but when they do, there will most likely be extras

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