Niz Plum87 - off-center keypress not registering (EC calibration)

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04 May 2020, 00:36

TL;DR: I have trouble registering off-center key presses on my Niz Plum. The CalibrationLite tool fixes the issue, but only temporarilly. I have to use the Calibration Tool and reset to "InitialCalib" about once a day.

Got my Niz Plum 87 about a month ago. It has become my primary while I gather up the courage to bolt mod my Model M. (any day now...)

This keyboard uses a Topre cloned EC switch and I really like them - although I havent used real Topre yet and I might better like a 55g version than this 45g version - not sure. I wish the tactile experience was a bit more pronounced, with perhaps a reduced event duration.

Anyway - sorry, my issue is this:

Yesterday I noticed my "A" and "D" keys were having trouble registering off-center actuations. I was freaking out. Then I remembered Chyros had a video where he was talking about the need to calibrate his capacitive keyboard for the exact voltage - i think this was for a beamspring though... anyway...

I searched for a Niz Plum calibration tool and after searching through some Engrish and battling 404 errors, I found one: ... gKxznoY4aY

This tool works and fixed my A&D keys right up. However today I noticed the D key acting up again! So I used the tool again and it fixed it again. But now I'm concerned... seems the keyboard tends to float off it's defaults for certain keys? wtf?

Any ideas?


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04 May 2020, 08:32

Just updated the keyboard's firmware using the "X87EC(S)BLE PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE", maybe that will solve this problem for good. There was a new firmware released last month...

update: firmware update sems to have fixed it


16 Jun 2020, 20:38

I'm having the same problem, I think. Out of the box my J key would sometimes not register (maybe once every 15-20 minutes). I just switched to a 50-gram set of domes, which are great, but now the E key is not registering on every 2nd or 4th press -- like you were, I am freaking out. I love this board and don't want to give it up!

Anyway, I couldn't get either of the things you mention to work. Is the firmware update still working? If so, any chance you could give a few more tips on the installation? I downloaded this file "X87EC(S)BLe_V1.0.21_20200311.bin" from the link you provided above, but it says that there is no program associated with it to run it. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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