IBM Selectric II (2) with accessories - question?


01 Jun 2020, 19:40

We have 2 of these Selectric IIs sitting in our office that were pulled from departments no longer using them. One has a dust cover for it, and there are several print balls (some still in packaging). My question is if there is still a market for these things, as I'm worried they'll be tossed in the garbage.
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01 Jun 2020, 19:56


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01 Jun 2020, 20:19

They can be hard to give away depending on your local area but yes there is definitely a market for these and they should be saved by you preferably. They are not worth a whole lot unless they have been cleaned and serviced by a professional or you happen to come across a particularly rare or sought after variant. I regret not picking a couple of these up when I had the chance to pick them up locally.

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01 Jun 2020, 22:18

Do keep the "golf" balls, they are probably worth $10-$20 each, and are not bulky or heavy.

I would like to have a good clean Selectric but shipping is prohibitive.

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01 Jun 2020, 22:35

minimally save the keycaps. I believe they are compatible with beamspring keyboards.

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01 Jun 2020, 23:35

You could probably expect to get somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-100 on ebay plus shipping which is not nothing. The one's that have been serviced go for about $200+ currently.


04 Jun 2020, 22:36

I was able to get a date on them - one (the shiny uncovered one) is from 2000, the other (textured, looks brand new) is from 1987.

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04 Jun 2020, 22:48

2000??? Wow, I thought they stopped making Selectrics in the 80's.


05 Jun 2020, 00:43

Right - I might have misread it - hard to see as the label is faded. It might be last date of service.


05 Jun 2020, 01:03

Ok, I went back and looked a bit better. The Selectric II says last serviced 10/80. The newer looking one is actually a Selectric III. It does appear to show last serviced in 2000.

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