IBM Model M - Inconsistent Lshift+Y and Rshift+M


21 Jun 2020, 16:09

Very weird problem with this model M I just got.
Whenever I type Lshift+Y it sometimes gives a uppercase Y, sometimes lowercase Y. Rshift+Y always gives uppercase Y. Rshift+M sometimes gives a uppercase M, sometimes lowercase M. Lshift+M always gives uppercase M. Lshift + Rshift + Y always gives uppercase "MY". Lshift + Rshift + M always gives uppercase "MY".
All other keys and keycombinations seem to work perfect. All the keyswitch mechanisms seem to work fine. Any thoughts on what might be happening here ?

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21 Jun 2020, 18:03

Could be something up with the sensing mechanism.


21 Jun 2020, 22:09

My recommendation would be to clean the membrane. Could be dirt related.


22 Jun 2020, 12:23

Thanks guys. I'll try to clean the membrane, good opportunity to bolt mod the board.

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