Brother buckling springs - are they any good?

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23 Jun 2020, 21:25

Hey there. Recently I have been having a hankering for a Japanese layout keyboard, and am rather sad that I didn't bid on a Fujitsu leaf-spring generation 4 (the membrane one) while it was still available. To be fair, I have no clue if FM Towns keyboards work properly on regular PS/2, so maybe it was for the better.

I found an IBM 5576-A01 with Brother buckling springs on Yahoo, and they caught my interest. The thing is, are those any good to type on? The wiki page says that they feel stiffer, which I don't have a huge issue with (I tend to slam my fingers into keyboards anyway) but the short travel worries me. Does anyone have details on what this might feel like to type on? For comparison, I typed this on Alps SKCM White. Thanks!

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23 Jun 2020, 23:08

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