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25 Jun 2020, 05:01

So I've been planning on milling a case for a new custom I'm making, and I was wondering what the best material to make it out of would be. I am leaning towards using varnished wood, as that seems very solid and durable, but I am not sure what that will do to the sound. I really don't want to use plastic, as that feels very cheap and will make it sound like shit for sure. I plan on using BOX navies with cherry profile caps, or maybe SA caps if I can find enough to fit the board. Going for looks over durability with this case, but considering it will be extremely thick anyway I don't think it matters how strong it is or not. Any suggestions would be helpful.


25 Jun 2020, 14:58

From comparisons I have seen on Youtube, a wooden case could give a bassier, more pleasant sound than milled aluminium or polycarbonate, but that's of course my personal opinion. The nicest I've heard was the combination brass plate and wood case.


25 Jun 2020, 16:45

This is my preference wood > plastic > aluminium.

Aluminium or any metal for that matter, sounds like shit.


29 Jun 2020, 20:21

Sound is a complicated thing and not just determined by material. Shape also has a dramatic effect, so if you are going down a full custom route pay attention particularly to small gaps between the plate and the casing.

I'd also read section 4 of this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23966

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03 Jul 2020, 06:40

Wood is def more loud, plastic is muted, aluminum is in the middle. Since you are using clickies, I do not recommend wood unless you want to wake up your entire neighborhood.

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