19 Aug 2020, 12:52

Could someone summarise the difference between these two keyboard firmware projects, please?

I get the impression that TMK is the older one but, if so, I don't know why QMK was started and what advantage it would confer.

Part of the reason for asking is that I have been having trouble with Soarer's firmware when using my Model F XT keybaord via a KVM switch. I tried QMK as XT->USB converter but that would frequently miss keystrokes and wasn't usable. I have now tried TMK and that seems to working fine, at least at the moment. I have even managed to get the LEDs on the teensy working just like Soarer.

So is there something in QMK that would make it worth debugging? After reading the description of the XT protocol I and beginning to suspect something else in QMK is disabling interrupts for too long as the XT protocol needs very fast interrupt latency but I am not sure how I would go about proving that.

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