Looking for a certain guide about a easy remapper for firmware building i saw month ago


25 Aug 2020, 16:51

Hi guys, i remember back around march or a while before it stumbling upon a guide online where the dude was like "HELL NO I WON'T MAP THE MATRIX" and simply figured the pin out, wire it to either a raspberry pi, pro micro or any other arduino and use a software to when he press a key on that new keyboard the software will say "I detected a keypress, please tell me with a normal keyboard what was that keypress" and you reply to it, saying it took him almost no time to remap all the key (probably less than 10-30min to max 1h) than just mapping the keymap. If someone remember the guide, i am sure doing something similar for QMK/Soarer/TMK firmware would be a neat feature to implement when it output a file so you can use that to rebuild a firmware after flashing that first software to detect input and split out a log file. I am very lazy and this step's where i can probably lost patience.

2nd question, anybody know how to find out the pin out of a 8 pin din connector of a weird protocole of a mitsumi board (miniature like switch but feel good, don't know why i was lucky). That keyboard also got a 4 dip switch hidden on the internal PCB not visible if you don't open it and remove the tape over the dip switch box, it might be able to select a probablement output mode like AT or XT over the weird probably protocole it use by default (supposing it's the case).

Thank for the reply.

PS : Yes i did my search to try finding it... Almost nothing after 1h of search similar to it except one guide... Which seem weird to use matrix map to calulate value manually (and it's out of my skill since i cannot remember that math class from over 10 years ago about it), here's the link to that guide almost remotely similar to what i was thinking off but not quite. The dude had clearly a terminal asking what keypress it was in my memory. https://ma.ax/keyboard/arduino/projects ... -keyboard/

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