IBM Model F 122-key terminal (looking for some information)


25 Aug 2020, 23:01

Hi! after my workplace did some cleaning in its storage we found an old IBM keyboard! That we belive to be a IBM model F 122 key.

I got a few questions! is there a simple way to connect it to a modern computer?

anything special way I should go about cleaning it?

I'm a bit mixed if I should keep it and use it myself or sell it. so does anyone have an idea what its worth?
I asked someone that where looking to buy keyboards and he gave me a so-so offer off 30 euro.
one of the key caps off
Model nr. listed on the underside

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25 Aug 2020, 23:07

GREAT LUCK on this find!

That IS an IBM F122 keyboard (and it is NOT the cheaper brother, the M122), and it definitely is worth quite more than 30 euros.

Getting the F122 to work, assuming the internal circuitry has not been killed (by, say, having had water poured on it) should be a simple matter of connecting it to a Soarer Converter's cable and using a remapping file.

Model F/M keyboards also tend to clean up rather well, so the dirty looks it has on the outer case will be gone easily (the amount of inner rust does worry me a bit, though, but I think it shouldn't be too bad).


25 Aug 2020, 23:22

Its been stored in a attic for a really long time, so the rust most likely come from humility. as I'm not to certain about the material would the plastic handle being cleaned with something like a citrus cleaner?

also I assume that the rust is just a overlay rust, but I don't have access to a key switch remover atm, so not certain how the rest look underneath the caps

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25 Aug 2020, 23:31

I would not use citrus cleaner except for removing adhesive residue, and then immediately wash with soap and water. I prefer powdered laundry detergent with a plastic dish scrubber. You will need to remove the case from the internal assembly to clean it properly.

My guide might provide some general tips: viewtopic.php?p=241582#p241582

That is a highly desirable keyboard, especially inside the EU. I would guess that it is easily worth 200-300 euro or more, as-is with no additional work.

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26 Aug 2020, 05:06

I'll pay you 3 Euro right now!

Here's my thread on restoring an XT 83 key. The below might help you:

* fohat's guide is extremely good. The most important thing for me was the section regarding clamps. You. Will. Need. Them. I didn't buy the much more legit ones that are in fohat's thread, but just the plastic ones from Amazon. They were cheap and I don't really plan on using them again.
* Wiring up your own Soarer's Converter is not strictly necessary. They are available, pre-made, on ebay. Just search for them.
* IIRC, the blue legend caps are kinda uncommon. That might also boost value.
* I didn't use a wooden frame. I just used a couple of dictionaries.
* I have two different barrel plates (bought an extra, just in case I screwed up). Both badly rusted. I used a 24-hour soak with Evaporust, followed by two coats, front and back, of Rustoleum Rust Reformer, followed by two coats, front and back, of Rustoleum Primer + Paint. Both turned out great.
* If your springs are badly rusted, as mine were, you can try Evaporust. It ... worked poorly for me. I ended up buying all new flippers and springs. That's about $1 US per.
* If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, it's an excellent way of cleaning keycaps. I use a couple squirts of Simple Green, if the keycaps are really bad, for 16 minutes. If they're not really bad, effervescent denture cleaner works extremely well. This would also get rid of the pencil marks. I generally use 40C to 50C heat.
* If you need a template to make a new foam mat, go here.

The case is likely to wipe clean with a mild detergent. I have used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for really tough spots, but please understand that the Magic Erasers are really just very fine sandpaper sponges.

If you are overwhelmed with this thread, you can post it for sale here and someone will buy it. Just look for closed auctions on ebay and decide on a decent price. I'll be the first to say that unless it really is $3 or 3 Euro, I won't be buying it.

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26 Aug 2020, 16:26

Whats that connector on the left side of your pictures? Does that plug into the keyboard connector?

Also these go for $500-700 USD on ebay.


16 Sep 2020, 16:32

Yes, you can use a Leanardo with this software on it :


16 Sep 2020, 17:04

kpishere wrote:
16 Sep 2020, 16:32
Yes, you can use a Leanardo with this software on it :
How does your firmware compare to the more commonly used ones, like TMK or Soarer's?


16 Sep 2020, 21:03

Yeah that is a keeper, I would not sell it. I paid more than that for an M.

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