Kailh Box Key Switches + NovelKeys Discount

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01 Sep 2020, 23:57

A couple weeks back, I bought a set of Kailh Box Navy Thick Click switches. This was primarily based on reviews I've seen of them, including one from Chyros. I installed them in a little 87 key case that I had lying around and I found that I liked them. A lot. I've been using that board instead of my old daily driver Model M that's in almost mint condition.

I did find that my hands are getting a little tired when typing, so I just picked up 40 Kailh Box Jades and 40 Kailh Box Pinks from NovelKeys. I got the Jades because they're just a little lower on the actuation scale, 50g vs 60g, so it's possible that the slight difference might help. The Pinks? They have a different switch bar and a couple of other folks also recommended them to me. Hey, for under $30 to test these switches, I'm happy.

So, the discount thing. I've got Honey. The code CLICKCLACK worked for me. It was about 5%. Not much, but it covers the tax out here.


02 Sep 2020, 02:34

I filled a free Wyse PCE chassis I got several months back with BOX Navy and fuck me they are so good. Easily the best modern switches I've tried and equally good to some of the best Alps I've tried (green and white, both in great shape, and the whites being basically super late blues with white sliders).

Super underrated imo.

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02 Sep 2020, 03:46

I had given up on any product with Cherry mounts until I tried the Box Navy. I do have an early Model M 122 that needs to be restored and that might become my "main" keyboard, but this one's really nice. I'd love to get some high(er) quality key caps, though. I'm still searching for a PBT blue or green SA/DSA set that doesn't cost a zillion $.


05 Oct 2020, 05:25

Hey, let us know how those BOX Pinks went. It's all a matter of preference, but for those who want a lower actuation than BOX Navy, there's a lot of opinions over which is best.

I enjoy typing on Jades, although I feel that they are a bit weak on the upstroke. The Whites are said to be what MX Blue should have been, and the Pinks are lighter Jades / heavier Whites, I think.

I don't actually use clickies, but I think a lot about the lighter BOX clickies, since the BOX tactiles are kind of okay to type on.

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05 Oct 2020, 22:29

The Pinks were a better feeling and better sounding Cherry MX Blue. I'd say that you're probably right that they're slightly heavier Whites, but I haven't tried those.

The Jades are almost perfect for me. I've not had any binding or stuck keys, as a couple folks have seen with the Jades. I also think that the Jades are still a touch -- and just a touch -- too heavy. I think the spacebar would sound much better with a Navy, though. I just haven't gotten to that yet. I also need to get some more switches. I only bought 40 switches, which was only enough for the alphabet keys and a couple of modifiers.

I'll probably put the keyboard I have the Navys in up for sale or trade. I bought a nice set of Tai-Hao key caps that almost exactly match the backlight on the donor keyboard (older Velocifire with metal mounting plate).

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06 Oct 2020, 16:04

Ooo, I installed pinks on an iKBC MF 108 and it very quickly became one of my top top boards. I lubed the springs and put a miniscule amount around the box - delicious. The weight is perfect for me. Jades are slightly too much but that's purely subjective. So far, I like them better than any other clicky mx style switches including zealiostotles. Do I like them better than blue alps or buckling springs? Not more, just different. Kind of like choosing between pizza and ice cream.

Definitely agree with Kevin - underrated, and up there with some of the best Alps.

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