Honeywell keyboard?

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05 Sep 2020, 01:08

Anyone knows where to buy Honeywell keyboard like this and what is the price?
taek wrote:
01 Dec 2017, 16:36


05 Sep 2020, 01:42

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06 Sep 2020, 01:32

Thanks, but that is not the model I asked for.

Ebay is my friend, but maybe someone is selling here on forum and converted it for use on modern pc


06 Sep 2020, 02:04

Know it'd be a mistake, but part of me wants to buy one of those terminals and play around with it. I could probably convert the board reversibly, but it looks beautiful next to the original terminal.


09 Sep 2020, 00:23

Yes if only the skill set existed within mine skull, would be right there with you Ray. WIth or without the terminal, such a beaut.

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09 Sep 2020, 01:20

You can always put a WTB (want to buy) thread in the Deskthority Marketplace. Good luck :D

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11 Sep 2020, 01:25

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