Harris 10-pin din advise/advice?

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08 Sep 2020, 21:40

Recently switched from hoarding cars to keyboards due to them being somewhat more compact and cheaper. My methadone. And signed up here because of a Harris with 10 pin. I tried a search for "10-pin" but search is bringing up tons of unrelated content. Anybody know how to get this girl adapted to a modern box? So far all I've come with is "Wyse" terminals that use a similar 10 pin connector, but no idea if its even compatible.
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09 Sep 2020, 17:41

The 80's and later Harris terminals may indeed be badge engineered Wyse compatible hardware. Based solely on the few images from searching, the keyboards do look similar. WY-50 WY-75 seem to use the DIN versions while WY-60 and others seemed to use the RJ keyboards. Looks like mx black and even the yellow arrow keys are doubleshot.

I'm going to reg on GH and try my luck. For anybody else searching on Harris or Wyse 10-pin info I did run across this Soarer 2013 thread-


Wednesday evening update.. now that I know this "Harris" is a WY-50 keyboard I searched the yoo toobs and bam! Cryo-san dos dos has my pin out of the ten-pin-din right there in the middle of a vid. "Project N" is the one..

wyse yellow.jpg
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10 Sep 2020, 19:49

Toober EB3K describes adapting the RJ version of the Wyse WY60 to USB. As well as a conversion to hot swap. Like Kairosuran nijuuni he opted to retain the OEM cable, although the RJ version has a thin coiled grey cable.


At this point I think its a pretty safe assumption that all 3 of these are all the same 1982-1986 ish era cherry mx black keyboards. The WY60 WY50 and the Harris..


Actually deskthority says a rubber dome variant is out there.. Man this site had all the info, this site is so cool! Anyways, since this thread is here now I will relay some info- Light color back plate and bottom aligned home key berm indicates rubber dome boards. The dark back plate and central home key circular bumps indicates the mx black boards. I think that goes for the both the narrow and wider boards.

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