Beamspring solenoid driver - Help


17 Oct 2020, 20:29

Hello guys,

I recently purchased a solenoid driver from ModelFkeyboard. I connected my original IBM solenoid and the solenoid driver according to the instruction on its website. Also, I followed the seller's advice and set the values on capsense to "extend 15ms, retract 45ms." However, it still does not work. Could someone please tell me what possibly went wrong? I have attached a picture of the set up below.

Thanks so much.


18 Oct 2020, 18:18

1) Did you click Store In EEPROM after?
2) Did you try unplugging and replugging after?
3) Does the LED on the solenoid controller light up when you press keys?
4) Do you have a multimeter to check some voltages with?


18 Oct 2020, 18:21

5) I see there's no rubber mat underneath the solenoid driver, like my 5251 has. Can you make sure the metal backplate isn't accidentally shorting the pin header pins on the bottom? Maybe add some electrical tape, or just a piece of paper for starters.

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