Alternative to toothpicks for opening Alps key switches

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11 Nov 2020, 21:00

... and you don't want to desolder the switch. ... B0165N8JLC. Also has the benefit of being able to do two switches at a time. You need two: one for the north side of the switch and one for the south side. I just finished an entire Wang 724/725 keyboard with these.


11 Nov 2020, 22:34

You can also print alps opener. The file is public

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12 Nov 2020, 00:11

If you're referring to the one from Orthalicon (I'm sure that's spelled wrong), it works an awful lot better if the switch is desoldered. Don't get me wrong: it's an awesome tool and I've bought three. They're made out of some sort of hard, clear plastic, and are pretty thick.

I can't print an Alps opener, except in 2D. However, please post the link to the file! I know some of the folks here have 3D printers. Or start printing and selling 'em.

I have a LOT of things I'd love to print with a 3D printer, but I can't justify buying one because I need to get a 3D modeling app and learn that, then purchase a printer, filament, etc.

Jan Pospisil

12 Nov 2020, 00:33

I've been using plastic prying tools for cellphone repair. Works pretty well.


12 Nov 2020, 00:45

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12 Nov 2020, 00:49

mindgame wrote:
12 Nov 2020, 00:45
Orihalcon - memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=6427 :)
This one works just ok.
I'm not even sure how to use that one, but it looks cool!


12 Nov 2020, 01:19

No i am referring to the one in that thingiverse link some one shared earlier.

I am sure you can pay some 3d printing service to print and post it to you.

It works like a charm and a champ, here, check how easy it is

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