PK-111 POS Keyboard


24 Nov 2020, 03:28

Found a old POS keyboard and wanted to use it as my daily drive.
Bought a Din 5 to ps/2 adapter and it works fine.Did a bit of research and found the original software, its called Matrix Maker Key, uploaded the new key map and got a "Open device failed" error, can´t find anything about it googling.
Can't use a third party remmaper because it was progammed to make Upper Case with Shift in some keys.

Anyone knows anything about this software or this keyboard?


24 Nov 2020, 06:29

Are you on a modern Windows machine? I would reccomend running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP. Worst case scenario it only works on a 32 bit Windows 98 / XP, but compatibility mode has saved me a few times.


24 Nov 2020, 17:09

Programming over PS/2 does not work in 64 bit Windows due to Microsoft changing a few things,you need to use a 32 bit version of your OS,easiest way is to download a copy of 10 from Microsoft,then make a bootable copy of it on a USB drive and program the board from there. VM's will not work.

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