Looking for the perfect keyboard for my friend

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29 Dec 2020, 20:22

Hi there
I need a little help finding the correct keyboard for my good friend, from aliexpress ofc.

It has to fit into 60€s incl. shipping to hungary.
-MUST be ISO (this is the catch, wich I need your help to find one, since I can't find any)
-Must be TKL
-Floating switches preferred
-Backlight: Not req'd, or static colors.
-MX Blue-type switch, OR an MX Compatible building kit. I am willing to build the custom kit for him, buying the pieces bit-by-bit. If the latter, we'd polpulate it with box clickbars.

G80-1800 is out of the question. Alt keys are squashed together.

EDIT: Yes. A kit can definietly come. I have enough spare switches to make his board happen :)

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