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30 Dec 2020, 14:54

I have a Matias Tactile Pro and I love it. But, since they no longer make the Windows version of the Tactile Pro, I had to buy the Mac version. On my Mac, it's great. On Windows, there are some points of frustration. The #1 is the lack of an insert key. I spent a lot of time at work in Putty and use Shift+Insert a lot.

I'm on Matias' website yesterday and noticed their Ergo Pro keyboard has a new model that's programmable. So, I send Matias an email, explain my situation, and tell them I would love to see a programmable Tactile Pro.

This morning I get an email back from someone that says they're working on a whole new line of keyboards, but COVID-19 has delayed things.

I'm curious to see what Matias is planning....


30 Dec 2020, 16:01

Interesting. Perhaps the bigger news is they also extended the warranty on the Ergo Pro to 2 years.

Love the keyboard and use it everyday but went through hell with 3 different units over the years with switches dying, one controller chip failing, etc.


01 Jan 2021, 18:09

Happy New Year!

I'm really hoping for a programmable Tactile Pro. I love my Tactile Pro, but I miss the Insert key. I do a lof of stuff at the Linux terminal at work and use Shift+Insert a lot.

I got an email from Edward Matias this morning (wasn't aware he emails customers directly on major holidays), and he told me fn+Delete will do Insert. So, I could type Shift+fn+Delete to get Shift+Insert. I may try this and see how it goes.

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03 Jan 2021, 00:41

Maybe I should buy that set of replacement keycaps for the my (Windows) Tactile Pro while I still can. I got mine used and the legends are fading.

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04 Jan 2021, 00:54

Did they ever release that 60% board they were talking about a few years ago? They took pre-orders IIRC...


04 Jan 2021, 12:59

HzFaq wrote:
04 Jan 2021, 00:54
Did they ever release that 60% board they were talking about a few years ago? They took pre-orders IIRC...
I too was looking forward to it because of those PBT caps they promised... wonder how that went.


04 Jan 2021, 21:46

PBT keycaps would be awfully nice, and a more modern looking case. I had a Quiet Pro for my Mac for a while, and the thing just looked cheap. I was also very disappointed in how their switches felt in a side-by-side comparison with my old Apple Extended Keyboard II. They claimed to have copied that switch exactly, but they really didn't.


07 Jan 2021, 20:07

This is possibly exciting to hear.

Whatever they do, they have **got** to work on their reliability - particularly on that Ergo Pro

I went through 4 of them before giving up.
That just can't happen with a premium priced product like that is.

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