QMK on Magicforce 68?


12 Jan 2021, 19:41

Hi all, does anyone have any information on running QMK on Magicforce 68? I can't seem to find anything anywhere.

I like that it's compact but still has accessible arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, and a full sized right shift. However, the tilde (~) is on the Fn layer and it does not work with OS modifier. That makes it very inconvenient for macOS. I also would like to be able to swap OS and ALT keys permanently.

I am willing to replace the microcontroller if necessary. I'm aware of a replacement PCB, but replacing the PCB seems a bit too much work. At that point, I might as well build a hot-swappable from scratch.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!


13 Jan 2021, 02:16

Tragicforce 68 might be your only option.

If the PCB has diodes then you can wire the rows and columns to a teensy or promicro, but that's probably harder than the Tragicforce (which regrettably it uses through hole diodes).


18 Jan 2021, 06:09

Thanks! Looks like it's out of stock everywhere :(.


18 Jan 2021, 09:28

A while ago I bought the PCB kit and a case from someone who lost interest in it.
I also lost interest in it before I finished it :lol:, but I could probably finish it up (everything except switches unless I happen to have any you'd like) if you want to buy it.

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