Teeny/Soarers & MAC OS?


31 Mar 2021, 00:13

Hi All

My BTC 5130 will not work with a standard PS/2 to USB converter, so I am attempting soarer's converter with a Teensy I have.

I use a Mac, but also have a Windows laptop. If I make this using Windows, will it be then plug&play with Mac? I assume not, in that case, is there separate code for Mac?


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31 Mar 2021, 10:24

Soarer's converter runs on the Teensy, so it's platform independent. Only the tools you use to configure it care about Windows or Mac. The Teensy remains the same!

I recompiled the tools for 64 bit so they still run on the modern Mac OS. There's links and documentation aplenty in that thread.


31 Mar 2021, 11:21

Many thanks Muirium. Very helpful (again!)

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