Kinesis Advantage - can't go into PC BIOS/UEFI with F2


28 Apr 2014, 11:08

Hey guys,

Deliriously happy Kinesis Advantage user here (brown cherry MX). Just an awesome keyboard.

One problem though: When I first boot my computer (just a PC desktop), I want to go into UEFI to configure some stuff. I usually do this by hitting F2.

With the Kinesis, this just doesn't work. Within Windows, F2 works fine... And I didn't resassign it or anything, it's the original squishy rubber key where it's supposed to be. But when I boot the computer and the UEFI logo shows, I can tap F2 like mad, but absolutely nothing happens.

Trying with a different USB keyboard (just a crappy Logitech board) works fine.

Any idea how to fix this? Any tips would be welcome! I don't want to have to plug in a different board every time I need the UEFO.


28 Apr 2014, 11:37

If you plug in the Advantage and the Logitech one and enter the UEFI setup through the latter, can you use the Advantage to go through the menu?

It is possible that the Kinesis USB keyboard controller has no support for "BIOS mode", or your motherboard firmware might simply do something wrong when booting. Do you have any other PCs with the older BIOS setup to test it?


28 Apr 2014, 12:34

I need to get another USB keyboard (I lose the crappy Logitech one - discovered this because I now need UEFI access suddenly and can't find it). Will try.

Count Troller

28 Apr 2014, 13:30

I have similar problems with HHKB Pro2 on Thinkpad. After powerup it doesn't work (BIOS) up until the OS. Might be the integrated hub, might be something else.

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28 Apr 2014, 20:12

It likely is the fact that the keyboard is behind the built-in hub. If your BIOS has a setting for PS/2 or “legacy” keyboard support you might find that disabling that makes it work.

Count Troller

28 Apr 2014, 22:36

PS/2 or "legacy" keyboard options are not present, but next time I might try how the "UEFI / legacy" boot option affects the HHKB.

The funny things is, that after OS load and soft reboot (not cold powerup) the HHKB works. And I am almost sure another (older) Thinkpad does not behave like this and HHKB always works.

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