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Posted: 22 Sep 2015, 11:02
by Khers
Quite. Right now you can pick one up for SEK 1290, roughly €140, in Sweden and I guess something similar should be possible in other parts of the EU as well. Should be considerably cheaper than whatever Massdrop can do when shipping and taxes are considered.

Posted: 22 Sep 2015, 14:20
by Muirium
andrewjoy wrote: And yeh the great firewall of the UK ... blocking porn whist your PM face fucks a dead pig. And then there is the import firewall ....
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Newstatesman wrote:There is a reason that David Cameron is allowed to hold office when everyone assumes he spent the 1980s taking drugs and getting up to weird things with his Eton mates, but Jeremy Corbyn is considered unelectable because he didn’t sing the national anthem last week. Cameron is part of a select group of people to whom different rules apply, and he knows it, and his friends know it, and the tabloids know it, and the whole cosy British political machine knows it. This is why Corbyn will spend the next five years being savaged for having a slightly rumpled tie by the same newspapers that reported on the dead pig allegations under the title "the making of an extraordinary Prime Minister".

The thing that's really horrifying about what has already been dubbed the 'Hameron' scandal is that it demonstrates what entitlement of this kind actually means, and how embarrassing it all is. There are people out there who can spend their early twenties in close proximity to cocaine and popping their peckers in offal and not even consider for a second that there might be anyone better placed to run the country. These are people who know the rules don’t apply to them, who know they can do whatever they want and still end up in charge. ... ng-country

So true. Does anyone seriously wonder why so many of us Scots want independence? Clue: independence from that!

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 18:28
by andrewjoy
Ok i will be packing this up for shipping tonight so just wanted to give my final overview ( and if you are lucky a few photos with some real caps on it).

Firstly the good.

The board looks decent ( once you have taken the crappy caps off, more on that later). I like how they have struck a balance between the "leet gamerz keyboard" and the understated look of similar costar boards. I am so very very happy they did not go with shiny plastic like many companies do with there pro-sumer lines ( cough cough razer cough cough). And whist i am a traditionalist and prefer plastics like on the IBM and Filco cases the soft coating is ok with me, it still looks good after the lovin' and abusein' it has most likely had on the tour.

The build quality is very very good for the price point, its no beamspring or model F but if it was it would be in the 1000 not the 100s :). I have no complaints on the build quality. Oh and good call on the micro over mini USB, many of you know my feelings on mini USB and how it needs to GO AWAY NOW!

The big draw with this is the cherry compatible sliders and i must say for the most part they work well. Granted one of them ( left alt) was loose on mine and the cap kept falling off but thats no biggy and it may have been my round 4 cap who knows. The ability to put good quality cherry caps ( hello thick PBT) on the board is what sells it to me.

The feel of the topre switch is simply outstanding, i always joked in the past that is was just an overpriced rubber dome, and the realforce did not do a huge amount to help this. To be able to ( in my opinion) beat topre at there own game and convert a anti topre diehard is a achievement to be proud of.

Now for the bad, and i think you can all see this one a mile away. The caps, the font is terrible , they feel like they have been soaked in cooking oil and they are thin and cheep. Its such a shame that a loverly board is ruined with them. I know may none keyboard enthusiast people will not notice ( well they will notice something is wrong they just wont know what the cause is). CM , you are really selling yourself short on this, i know you have a price point to reach but surely you could save in other areas to improve the caps a bit. Put it in a simple brown box like topre do. Supply a normal USB not a sheathed cable and so on, or even make it a fixed cable to save costs. Dropping the O rings would help too as they do nothing to help with the second problem anyway.

The second point i have is the rattle , i don't know what causes it as it did not happen on the 1x1 keys of the realforce i tried but the rattle noise on the caps is louder than the whole keyboard. And the return sound of the caps is also very very strange considering how quiet and smooth the switch is. Possibly in the future add a option for type S switches.

In conclusion however i do love this board and i do want one. Will have to wait a bit for funds and for the re run of the silencing rings.

<pictures to come>

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 18:46
by Muirium
The NovaTouch's caps are just there as placeholders. Anyone who buys this board has gotta replace them. That's its whole draw: put your MX caps on Topre.

But the real question: you tested both the NovaTouch and the Matias Ergo Pro recently, which one is the better board?

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 20:30
by andrewjoy
On switch feel the novatouch , on build quality its no contest , ergo pro all the way

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 20:38
by Muirium
That's not what you said in the post above!

I'd say they're both quite solid. The Ergo Pro is a different aesthetic, and while the big detachable wrist rests might be exactly what some people like, I preferred to take those bulky buggers off. The NovaTouch's finish isn't brilliant, but I don't much like the slick plastic feel of the Ergo Pro either. Neither board's as nicely textured as a Realforce. The NovaTouch's minimalism and way better keyfeel than the Matias gives it the lead for me. Both boards come with ho-hum caps. But with the Ergo Pro you're stuck!

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 20:45
by andrewjoy
i said the build quality was good does not mean the ergo pro is not better.

Posted: 24 Sep 2015, 20:50
by Muirium
It was the "all the way" bit that had me raise a brow. They're both pretty good, but like I said I don't consider either of them to be built like the tanks of old.

Posted: 08 Oct 2015, 13:08
by My_Thoughts
I don't know if there are plans for another Euro novatouch tour but i'm very interest if there is one.

and yes I know my account is new but I am using the same username on reddit/geekhack/massdrop etc


Posted: 09 Oct 2015, 14:35
by Spikebolt
Just to clarify: you didn't enjoy a Realforce (which one?) but you love the Novatouch?

I actually don't think the caps being terrible is that bad on the Novatouch because if you are buying this item then you are most likely replacing the caps, why else would you get it? It kinda sucks to pay 200 bucks and get terrible quality caps, though.

Posted: 12 Oct 2015, 21:54
by sphinx
I've received the TKL today, typing on it right now.

So far i'm liking it, they keycaps ain't that bad, you guys have very picky fingers :P

Posted: 15 Oct 2015, 09:27
by Bramster
sphinx wrote: I've received the TKL today, typing on it right now.

So far i'm liking it, they keycaps ain't that bad, you guys have very picky fingers :P
Hehe very good! Love to read your impressions after using it for a while :)

Posted: 16 Oct 2015, 23:29
by Hypersphere
Regarding pricing of the Novatouch, I have seen prices from various dealers at different time varying between 150 and 200 USD, sometimes with rebates and other times without rebates. I would like to see CM decide on a price and not put customers through the hassle (and very long wait) of a rebate scheme. (I am still waiting for my rebate on my purchase through Newegg; I am beginning to wonder if I made some error on the materials I had to mail to apply for the rebate).

Because the Novatouch seems to benefit greatly (if not require) some modifications to render it comparable to a RF87U, the price ought to be substantially lower than 200 USD (new RF87U keyboards are currently priced as low as 205 USD). Moreover, given that the Novatouch design invites swapping out the stock keycaps, CM ought to make a barebones model generally available through various outlets including Newegg and Amazon at a price around 140 - 150 USD.

It is difficult to predict accurately the price elasticity of demand for any product and to know if a company can do a better job at recouping its development and production costs by selling more units at a low price or fewer units at a high price. Nevertheless, it seems intuitive that by offering the Novatouch at a price that many customers would be willing to pay, simply getting the product into the hands of more customers would likely increase overall public acceptance of the product, thereby stimulating demand. However, I suspect that for many people, there are psychological barriers against paying 200 or even 150 USD for a keyboard. A popular price for a mechanical keyboard in the US is around 119 USD shipped, but at this level, CM might be taking a loss.

Posted: 16 Oct 2015, 23:39
I've always wondered why Topre keyboards are so very expensive. Is it the rubber? We know that soft rubber is expensive from the price of low-durometer O rings, might the be true for "cup rubber" as well?

Posted: 18 Oct 2015, 02:21
by Hypersphere
XMIT wrote: I've always wondered why Topre keyboards are so very expensive. Is it the rubber? We know that soft rubber is expensive from the price of low-durometer O rings, might the be true for "cup rubber" as well?
Synthetic rubber is cheap. Topre keyboards are expensive for reasons other than the cost of the raw materials.

Posted: 18 Oct 2015, 02:56
by webwit
Synthetic? The Topre rubber is harvested by virgin Japanese monks each 5th summer when the Hevea brasiliensis (rubber trees) are flowering at the most isolated and elevated areas of Mount Fuji, and Venus is high in the night sky. Ceremonially, many fall to their deaths trying to harvest this rubber. Surviving means graduation to the next level. Everybody knows that.

Posted: 18 Oct 2015, 04:18
by 002
Rumour has it that Topre are looking at using virgin Chinese monks to save on labour costs.

Posted: 18 Oct 2015, 10:34
by Muirium
Topre's Chinese partner is already staffing up.


Posted: 19 Oct 2015, 06:45
by Mrgoldenzombie
I'd like to join (USA Ohio)

Posted: 19 Oct 2015, 12:03
by sphinx
Today I'll say goodbye to the Novatouch.. I'll pass it to spikebolt by the end of the day.

It's a sad moment, my fingers cry in deep sorrow.

I love this keyboard, can't really see anything wrong with it. I guess it could be even better with thicker PBT keycaps, but IMO the stock caps ain't that bad.

I love the texture of the case and although it isn't as sturdy as the matias ergo pro which I had recently, it's pretty solid and sturdy board.

Posted: 19 Oct 2015, 12:11
by andrewjoy
indeed, its just finding the money to buy one and buy the dampening rings to make it all type S awesome!

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 10:23
by Spikebolt
I have received the keyboard earlier this morning and have been using it for a couple of minutes now.

By looking at the pics of the Novatouch I had the impression that the case was made of low quality plastic and had a crisp/rough texture. I was completely wrong. The keyboard is quite solid and the texture is smooth, reminds me of my Filco. The cable uses a Micro USB connector which is kinda bummer because I only have cool cables with Mini USB but that's fine.

I didn't use the standard keycaps at all, I simply removed them. Removing them was super easy, didn't even need the keycap puller. Say what you will about the keycap quality but they were fast to remove and that's more than I hoped for. The reason to get this keyboard is to replace the keycaps so I didn't want to waste time evaluating the keycaps. I immediately installed my Triumph Adler set which had been sitting in a G80-3000 ever since I got it because I hate MX blacks. I finally have a chance to actually use it.


As you can see the board is gorgeous, has minimum and virtually invisible branding. This is how I like my keyboards design: as simple as possible, no LEDs, no branding, no bezel. This is beautiful and the TA set sits like a glove, I love it very much. At this point I'm thinking "I NEED THIS".

I will wait until the end of the week to make a final judgement but my initial impression is that the typing experience is bit underwhelming. It doesn't feel as good as my HHKB or my Realforce but that's to be expected I think. The real problem is the sound. It doesn't sound like Topre. The "big" keys make a huge amount of noise. I thought this wasn't gonna bother me but apparently it does. My HHKB has that mesmerizing sound that you just want to keep typing again and again but the Novatouch has a sound that makes you not want to press the spacebar. I'm aware that some users report that Hypersphere's ring solve this problem and I will definitely get some rings. Lets see if at the end of week I'm willing to buy this board and even more rings :P

EDIT: There is definitely something wrong with the left Alt, as Andrew reported. The key is sticky and it happens even without keycap so keycap is not to blame here. Deosn't seem to happen with any other key.

EDIT2: The sticking alt is inducing some rage. I use alt tab a lot.

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 23:09
by Hypersphere
Again, regarding pricing, today Massdrop posted a re-issue of a drop for the barebones Novatouch at 129.99 USD plus shipping. This is good news, at least for those in the US.

It would be great if CM would make the Novatouch available at such a favorable price through other outlets, including Amazon.

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 16:28
by Bramster
Hi Spikebolt,

Can you clarify me here or by PM regarding the ALT key. Should I put available a new sample for the tour or is it still okay? Besides that good to read your impressions and that you like it! :mrgreen:

Hi Hypershere,
The barebones is a special price deal because of the platform and no caps and simple packaging it comes in.

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 16:39
by Hypersphere
Hi CM Bram: Yes, but it would be good if CM could regularly sell the barebones Novatouch as an option, and make it available through outlets in addition to Massdrop. Most people who buy the Novatouch will want to replace the caps anyway. Moreover, simple packaging is likely to be preferred. For example, the RF87U comes in a rather simple box. What matters is what's inside. Plus, a compact box is better for storage of keyboards than an oversized one.

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 16:57
by Muirium
Pro tip: keep all your Realforce boxes inside your NovaTouch box.

The whole point of MassDrop, as I understand it, is as venture capital for the keyboard scene (and a few others they're into). They put money on the table other partners do not. Retail space isn't as simple as we like to think. Which is one of the reasons that mechanical keyboards don't even appear to exist here in Scotland. Our few computer stores are all signed up with Logitech.

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 17:33
by Spikebolt
The alt key occasionally sticks, it takes its sweet time to go back up. It happened a lot in the first day but it hasn't been happening much ever since. I'd say it's still okay to go!

Posted: 23 Oct 2015, 20:04
by Bramster
Spikebolt wrote: The alt key occasionally sticks, it takes its sweet time to go back up. It happened a lot in the first day but it hasn't been happening much ever since. I'd say it's still okay to go!
Maybe something got spilled on it? But good to see its a bit better already. Hopefully it doesnt ruin your testing experience..
CM Bram wrote: Hi Spikebolt,

Can you clarify me here or by PM regarding the ALT key. Should I put available a new sample for the tour or is it still okay? Besides that good to read your impressions and that you like it! :mrgreen:

Hi Hypershere,
The barebones is a special price deal because of the platform and no caps and simple packaging it comes in.
Thanks for your feedback. Its not as easy as 1,2,3 as Murium is also points out. But we are looking into multiple options but I hope you understand I cannot make promises and cover the globe :P

Posted: 24 Oct 2015, 21:35
by Hypersphere
@CM Bram: Thanks for listening!

Posted: 25 Oct 2015, 15:37
by Spikebolt
My time with the Novatouch is almost up. I have contacted acolombo on tuesdary to arrange the shipping but so far I haven't heard back from him.

- Really sturdy and overall good build quality
- Minimal branding
- MX compatibility

- Subpar topre experience
- Loud stabilized keys

Really impressed with the overall build quality of the board. It really feels as sturdy as my Filco and that's great. Minimal branding (though I'd prefer only on the bottom of the keyboard and none in the back) and very smooth surface.

I think this keyboard really falls short in the Topre experience, though. The stabilized keys make a lot of upstroke noise, so much that disturbs my typing. The feeling itself is like a very light topre where the bump is less pronounced than the Realforce or the HHKB.

It's a bit sad really, because this board has everything I want but to have an optimal typing experience I would have to at least silence mod it and maybe transplant some 55g domes. I will buy this if I find an incredible deal for an ANSI board but I think for now I'll just get another Realforce board and wait for some MX sliders :(