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Posted: 15 Jan 2016, 19:09
by Muirium
Ascaii wrote: I received the keyboard about an hour ago. wlhlm wrote that he could only send it in the new year, i guess it took a bit longer.

First impressions:
I keep hitting numlock and caps lock, which is rather annoying. I do enjoy the matias ergo switch and the ability to change the angle of the keyboard. Key positioning is a bit off in places...backspace is very far for the pinky to travel, which leads to hitting the \ key a lot. I am sure it was done to stick with the "standard" layout, but imo the backspace sees much more use than backslash, so I would like to have seen them switched. I really like the large cmd keys and split space bar. I will give the board a week, then send it on. If the next person in line would be so kind to send me their address, I can already get the shipping labels ready.
I had exactly the same issue with backspace. This board could really use it in the HHKB position. I don't see Matias doing that, though. But they did at least fix the maddening Num Lock with the final version. What a strange unforced error!

I need to update the tour list. Looks like Cookie is next but I could be wrong as I didn't pop you back in place again. I'll PM him to see if he's ready soon.

Posted: 18 Jan 2016, 11:56
by Ascaii
After using it for the past days I can safely say that I generally enjoy the board; the transition to a split board was a lot easier than I anticipated, partly due to me being used to semi touch typing (I don't follow all the rules...I like hitting b with my right hand, which is indeed maddening on this due to the NUMLOCK key in the position on the right half). I ended up reprogramming backspace with a macro and turned off caps lock, which really doesnt need to be there. I think my ideal keyboard would be a split HHKB layout with added f keys, using the ergo pro extra large bottom row buttons and built in hand rests, which I love.

I would be glad to pass on the board next week, so please have the next in line get me his address, thanks.

Posted: 20 Jan 2016, 11:53
by Ascaii
Final verdict:

I will honestly say I had some issues with the layout. Personally, the ergo pro is very close to what I envision the perfect keyboard to be. The ergo-pro has some of the features: True Split, tenting, great wrist rests, extra large bottom row, dedicated function keys are the main selling points for me. Where the ergo-pro doesn't match my ideal are caps lock (which could be CTRL as in HHKB), the backspace key, which is too far for the pinkie to comfortably reach, and the extra row of cut, copy, paste, which I never use due to that removing my hand from home row. I find it much easier to use shortcuts and keep my hands in an optimal typing position. I would reduce the main layout a bit and make an extended HHKB...shorten left shift and add a key to make ISO key mapping possible (include switch blocker/large key and dip-switch for ISO/ANSI left shift modes), add an F-key row, and move the esc key to the F-keys. Cut the left hand macro buttons. Cut the right side STRG/NUMLOCK switch completely. This would be the ideal board for me. I am seriously thinking about making a mockup of this.

Cookie, get me your address and I'll ship it to you :)

Posted: 28 Jan 2016, 09:08
by TuxKey
Hi Muirium ,

Im in the proces of reading your review in regards to this board..
(need to read it two times to let all the info soak in ;-)

A couple of things i already like about it..

- tactile & quiet ; seems like a match made in heaven :)
- ergonomic
- apple compatible that’s my main os next to Linux (can make it work on Linux to)

before i tried the Truly Ergonomic keyboard i considered Matias but i have no clue why i didn't get one?
I believe at that time the ergo keyboard was still not out :?

is it still available to try out ??
Aldo i am a bit of a germafobe or so that's what my wife tells me. :roll:
i don't agree i just like my keyboards clean vacuumed and disinfected :geek:
That doesn't mean i'm a germafobe write ???

Well that's it for now , need to do sum more reading..But its to early and i need sum more caffeine STRONG :lol:
And do sum other chit ahhaha..
Take care all.

Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 22:16
by Phenix
I would like to join, (Germany)

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 02:46
by Muirium
I'll add you to the end of the list. You're new, we need to be sure you'll still be around!

Posted: 02 Feb 2016, 21:43
by Phenix
thanks for that. So ill have to send it back to you? Where are you located?

Posted: 02 Feb 2016, 22:33
by Muirium
Read the first post. You've got to understand the terms of the tour to be eligible! Also you must still be active at DT when your turn comes up. I'm responsible for making sure the Ergo Pro stays on tour, and doesn't go walkabout.

Posted: 02 Feb 2016, 23:36
by Phenix
ok, Im fine with the therms. Will make sure to watch this thread

Posted: 03 Feb 2016, 22:24
by IjonTichy
May I ask, why Phenix got on the list and I did not?

Posted: 03 Feb 2016, 22:37
by Muirium
Good question. I forgot all about you! Where are you located anyway? (We have required a country for new members here for many months now. Because this question comes up so madly often!)

Posted: 04 Feb 2016, 22:04
by IjonTichy
Sorry, I thought that I added that information. I am from Germany, too.

Posted: 06 Feb 2016, 10:56
by Ascaii
Just wanted to let everyone know the board is in the mail to jou.

Posted: 08 Feb 2016, 13:53
by jou
Picked up the keyboard and I'm currently typing on it. First impressions: it's nicely built. Currently, I'm fighting against my muscle memory that thinks I'm typing on a Ergodox since it's physically split. Due to the wrist rest, I can't use this one with my RollerMouse which is a bit of a bummer…

Posted: 09 Feb 2016, 20:29
by dgrabla
Hi, I would like to join the tour. Another German, based in Berlin. I am currently using a Pocker3 / MS natural 4000 and I want to upgrade to a split keyboard. It is either this one or the ergodox, or maybe both. I am excited with the Matias ergo because people seems to love it at /r/mechanicalkeyboards. I need to check if it will be a good match for me (small hands) before ordering.

Posted: 01 Mar 2016, 23:32
by Phenix
Thanks Jou. Works fine but one question: Can I use the extra keys (paste/copy...) in WINDOWS 7??

Posted: 29 Mar 2016, 18:08
by Ray
Hey Phenix, can we get a status update?

Posted: 03 Apr 2016, 21:44
by Phenix
sure - missed it. I really enjoyed the split layout. Its really nice eventough most extra keys are not working with Windows.

shipped to you on Saturday (was in holidays, but shipped as soon as possible)

Posted: 07 Apr 2016, 17:19
by Ray
It got here. First impression: why is that connection between both halves so short?

Posted: 11 Apr 2016, 20:20
by Phenix
it is an retractable. Try to pull it as long as it can go

Posted: 04 May 2016, 12:00
by Muirium
So, where are we at now? Still a good few people waiting in this tour.

Posted: 04 May 2016, 17:52
by Ray
idollar got it this week.

further impressions: the keycaps are pretty bad for a premium price keyboard. And the wobble of the keycaps doesn't make that better.
These and the short connection cable between the halves are probably the only objective weaknesses I found with the Ergo Pro.
Well built, good quality overall. The 1.5 height bottom row together with the wristrest feels really good. The feet are very decent as well. I don't like the .75 height keys, but quality-wise they are on par with the others (no surprise, as they have the same switch).

The physical layout and the keyboard overall wasn't made for me though, but that is purely subjective. If you want a more ergonomic but pretty standard layout, this is made for you. On a split keyboard, I need staggered rows.

My personal oppinion on the switches: They are not bad, but not very good either. For tactile, dampended keyboard switches made in 2015, that's the best I know (I don't know Topre).
The part where the layman thinks "why" is the wobble. Couldn't this be fixed by a slightly different stem? Why did this version make it into mass production?

Posted: 04 May 2016, 20:45
by Muirium
Very similar impressions to my long review at the beginning. The caps and switches are its principal flaws in my view too. (I used a long 3.5mm audio cable I pulled off my HiFi instead. Worked better than the stock reel.) Those caps and switches, however, are what Matias is all about. You've essentially seen the very best they've got.

Matias switches are late generation Alps clones. Earlier "complicated" Alps were much better in feel and stability. Pity they didn't copy those instead. The caps, well, Matias wants to go their own way. I think they'd be so much better off with PBT dyesubs, but that's their choice too.

Haven't tried a Topre, eh? Well worth asking for a shot on 002's tour. I like them much better than the Matias, and even more so than classic Alps. The best tactile switches made today, night and day.

Posted: 08 May 2016, 23:02
by idollar
I am typing my first impressions on the Matias Ergo Pro that I have received.

First of all I had to read the manual on the web. The left spacebar was set to backspace. This is the first ergo keyboard that I have tried in a decent way. I did not realised until now that I could not type space with the right hand ?

After swapping the space and be backspace I started to type with the same configuration that I use in my IBMs, the keyboard feet on the numberpads out. This resulted in a very unstable configuration. The left part of the keyboard moved when typing. It did not allow to type in a normal way. I took out the legs under the spaces. This new configuration gave the keyboard a nice typing position.

I also have problems with the numberlock key that I eventually managed to hit, It is not in my perfect position.

Finally, I miss the clicks. I am used to the IBMs (M and F, and hybrid FSSK now).

It is definitively a good board, but I do not think that it is made for me. I will type with it for a couple of additional days to see if by getting more use to it, it becomes more of my taste.

Remember, this is about personal taste. I am not saying that this a bad keyboard. I like it. But I guess that it is not made for me.

Posted: 09 May 2016, 14:27
by Muirium
Matias switches are great… for anyone who has never tried classic Alps, the best vintages of MX, buckling spring or Topre. Which is most people, admittedly! But certainly not most people on DT.

Posted: 09 May 2016, 19:17
by Ray
I would say there are also non-Topre rubberdomes that should not fear the comparison with Matias switches.

But as far as in production switches go, value/price is really good for Matias. But what competition do you have nowadays...

Posted: 09 May 2016, 19:33
by Muirium
I also much prefer Montereys to Matias switches. The list goes on for a bit! But right enough, it shortens considerably when culled to only those that are also made today.

Posted: 26 May 2016, 13:28
by macmakkara
Oh where is this at the moment? Im back in game... Lots of thinks happened and had to stay away from this hobby for a while.

Posted: 26 May 2016, 13:46
by Muirium
Good question (me too).

Let's get this board moving, people!

Posted: 29 May 2016, 13:42
by IjonTichy
I sent my address to idollar but did not receive the board yet.