Testers for new capacitive (Topre clone) switches?

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11 Mar 2016, 14:38

I have exhausted my Google-Fu looking for a switch tester or keychain with the new Topre clone switches from Noppoo/RK, and so far I've come up empty. There are plenty of Topre keychains out there, allowing cheapskates like myself to try them out without committing my hard-earned cash, but not a single clone tester? This is a travesty and it must be rectified.

In fact, has anyone here had the chance to compare the different types of original Topres and clones in an apples-to-apples test?

Let me qualify that: I am not talking about keyboard-to-keyboard comparisons (of which there are a few), but a straight up switch comparison. Comparing an HHKB Pro 2 to an RK RC930 isn't what I would consider a fair switch comparison, since you have different caps affecting the weight/tactility, not to mention wildly different concert halls (cases) to dampen unwanted reverberations and create that elusive "thock".

Someone needs to gut a couple of clone boards and turn them into plexiglass-mounted key testers for science. Oh, and if someone already did, put me down for a set.

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11 Mar 2016, 15:24

The "problem" is that there is no perfect way to compare two switches. Even with single switch testers you will not be able to accurately access the feeling difference (or at least I can't). You can feel they are different, but you can't feel how tiring, how scratchy, how smooth they actually are because that knowledge can only be obtained by typing.

Typing is affected by the factors you mentioned, but single switch testing is lackluster.

Perhaps the best way is to compare the RC930 to a Novatouch, using the same keycaps. I feel like that's the "fairest" comparison you can achieve.

I am also curious about this, if you ever find anything relevant please do share. Sourcing an RC930 is not that great with the import taxes and shit though :\ One of these days I'll get one to and create a proper comparison.

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11 Mar 2016, 17:08

I agree that single switch testing doesn't reveal what a switch will feel like in a full keyboard, inside a case, during a full day of coding, say, however, being able to feel and hear the switches outside a case should give you an idea of how different or similar they might be to one another, and that could inform your decision a bit.

I actually have an RC930 on the way right now, though I'd prefer not to butcher it for the sake of a keychain.
.....Although I really don't care for that Winkey....

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