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29 Sep 2019, 20:16

Hey hello hi

First of all, I'd like to point out im new to the whole keyboard world, think of me a as a total newbie. The questions might be a hard facepalm for most of you, but I'd love to double check just to make sure I dont end up wasting a lot of money. Now, proceeding onto the things i'd like to know. I have not yet got around to get myself a proper keyboard, unlucky most of the time. However, after looking through some local deals I came across this IBM 1397000 board, the large terminal 122 key one. It has this detachable Ps2 cord.
Now pretty much all IBM terminal boards I had seen and come across were usually RJ, rarely DIM, so is the Ps2 a real variant that existed somewhere? And since its Ps2 is it fully PC compatible? I assume it is (coz ps2), maybe not f13 or terminal keys but perhaps its possible to remap these with some software? And are there any other issues I might have with the board? I dont mind it being large and taking up most of my desk, thats actually cool. Also the guy had tested and it works, I just want to know whether I need to look for an expensive converter or I can plug that into my PC and just have it running straight off

I am also sorry if Im posting this in the wrong section, I believe it is the right one but I guess I can be wrong. If anyone could help me I'd be very grateful for some answers.

Thanks in advance!

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29 Sep 2019, 20:21

The 1397000 is indeed a rare variant of the common Model M122, it's fully PC compatible and programmable (!!!).


29 Sep 2019, 21:21

so i assume its worth to just grab it and call it a day with board seeking?

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