Cherry MX Switch Tester


31 Jan 2017, 18:04

I got this tester some days ago. The delivery was really quick. I already had a MX switches tester that I bought from China (which took more than one month to arrive). It's very basic but has blue, brown, red, black, green, clear, white, grey and linear grey. I ordered the tester by Cooler Master because I wanted to experience Topre. The tester is very well made, just like a little keyboard, with nice black matt plastic, rounded corners, antislippery feet... The switches are well fitted and do not fall off. The keycaps could be thicker, but that's my only complaint. As regards Topre, it's interesting, soft and nice, but it's also slow, force you to bottom out and in the end not very different from a regular rubber dome. I don't understand why it's that expensive. It's hard to tell without typing on a real keyboard, but I think I prefer MXs (especially browns).

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