The Cherry Switch Try Gaming PCB's

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√(4) != -2

05 May 2015, 11:58

Except, you know, availability and all that :P


10 Jun 2015, 14:35

I would like to try out the Red switches board, i live in the Netherlands.

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13 Jun 2015, 07:42

If there still exists a chance to sign up for the North American tour, I would love to add my name to the list. I have just discovered your forum and would love to help spread the ideals you propagate as well as learn a holistic appreciation for all available keyboard switches. I work in Data Entry on a path into IT and keyboards play a part in my every day life.

Will keep my fingers crossed for the addition!


14 Aug 2015, 16:05

I'm from Germany. Is this still a thing?

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