Monitors and eye sight

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27 Apr 2022, 16:23

Guppy wrote:
26 Apr 2022, 19:26
Possibly off-topic but I had a very specific question with this as well.
My eyesight has essentially hit the wall. If I sit in front of my 4K TV, text on the corners of the TV is blurry. The optimum reading distance for me is probably less than arm's length. Broadly lit days I seem to be able to see in fair detail but anything less than that is blur city.
I've been told that my computer monitor for the last 25 years of my life probably had nothing to do with this in the past by an eyedoctor, but I wonder about that because almost everyone in my family has vision like a hawk and I'm the one that drives with glasses. What resolution/PPI should I be looking at to retain what little eyesight I have left assuming the two actually are related?
I doubt they’re actually related. Retina is nicer, for sure. But better on the eyes? We can’t say that with any actual scientific confidence.

You only live once, though. Get the good stuff while you can! (If your OS will let you use it.)

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