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15 Sep 2023, 21:36

hi guys,. by way of an introduction ... ive pretty much always been a stickler for a good keyboard, my laptops have almost always had trackpoints, and i tend to seek out technology which is small and relatively smart

however i had no idea there was a forum like this

i guess i always thought contemporary mechanical keyboards were the provenance of gamers

so im please to meet you all

ive had a litany of thinkpads from the mid 90s to the latest, my current personal (as opposed to work) laptop is a gpd pocket 1 (i known, i know) the gen1 with tactile trackpoint ... keyboard leaves a lot to be desired but the basics are there for me ... i divide my time between mississippi and UK and i wanted the smallest foootprint win10 device ... refuse to use external mouse or touchpads

so i think im in need of a tex yoda !!!

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16 Sep 2023, 14:29

Moderator note: I moved this out of Deskthority Talk, as that's not the right place for it. We don't really have a specific place for introduction posts. The DT way is to arrive with a topic already in hand, just like you did. Welcome! :D

So this is a gpd pocket 1?


Goodness me, you'll need a keyboard to work on that! :lol:

A Tex Yoda would indeed do the trick, although it'll be a beast next to your laptop:


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